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Hole #1

The first hole plays to a wide fairway and a gentle start to the round. Avoid the fairway bunkers to give yourself a pitch into the green. A moderately contoured green awaits the putting. Time to enjoy your round at NEWGIZA. 

Hole #2

This risk and reward par 4 requires a decision to try and carry the stream from the tee shot or not. Laying up short of the stream will leave a full pitch to the lake guarded green. To clear the stream on the tee shot rewards the golfer with a short approach to this well contoured green. 

Hole #3

Sitting in a large valley this par 5 hole is characterised by the large wadi that runs to the right and landscaped banks to the left. Accurate drives and approaches are necessary to par or better this challenging par 5 hole.

Hole #4

The awe-inspiring Giza Pyramids sit as a backdrop to this stunning par 3 hole. With some 30m of elevation drop from the tee to green the importance of club selection has never been so crucial. The green is segmented by a central ridge so ball placement on the correct side of the green is vital.

Hole #5

Playing through the old quarry floor this par 4 hole provides a clear reminder of the scale and grandeur of the NEWGIZA site. A drive over or around the large fairway bunker leaves a mid iron approach to the ‘boomerang’ green. 

Hole #6

Another stunning par 3 hole into the quarry floor. The vertical quarry wall has been retained in the design and forms a natural and spectacular feature of the hole. The green surface is highlighted by several steps requiring an accurate tee shot for a makeable birdie putt. 

Hole #7

This medium length par 4 is best approached from the right side of the fairway. The swale running along the front left approach of the green is to be avoided in order to achieve a par or better on the hole.

Hole #8

One of the most difficult holes on the course this long par 4 requires an accurate drive over or around the left fairway bunker. A long approach shot to a very long green adds to the challenge of the hole.

Hole #9

Turning for home the 9th is a straight away par 5 requiring thought and precision. The drive is quite open just requiring avoidance of the left fairway bunkers. The cross bunker short of the green . 

determines the lay up position. If the pin position is on the right of the green then an approach from the left of fairway is best to avoid prominent hump short of green.

Hole #10

Starting the back nine with a long and difficult par 4 hole. The central fairway bunker offers a supreme challenge to go over or around it. The lake to right of green will capture any stray shots and making par will bring a great sense of achievement.

Hole #11

: The large green sitting at a diagonal to the tee shot offers several pin placement options. Pin positions to the right of the green should be attacked with caution as the stream and run offs will penalise stray shots. Choosing the right club and playing safely to middle of the green will never be a bad result on this hole. 

Hole #12

Avoiding the large lake to the right off the tee will put the golfer in best position to either attack or play safely for their second shots to this par 5. A central spine running inline with play will separate the pin positions left and right of the green. 

Hole #13

Playing down into the quarry this stunning par 3 is dramatic in its setting and in its playability. A massive ‘boomerang’ green sits around the lake and presents many different pin positions and challenges for the golfers. 

Hole #14

One of the longest par 5 holes in North Africa requires accuracy and length. Drive the ball past the bunker on right and benefit from a downslope to carry the ball further down the fairway. The approach should be from the higher  left side of the fairway to avoid the vertical wall down to lake and the lower right section of fairway. A huge green with many undulations ends this incredible golf hole.

Hole #15

An intriguing short par 4 which could be driven by the longest players though inaccuracy could cause problems for the golfer. The best approach would be short of the left fairway bunker to allow a fuller pitch to this steeply contoured green, which is modelled from the famous 13th green at Woking Golf Club in UK.

Hole #16

This long par 3 hole provokes a stern challenge towards the end of the round. The large bunker to the right of the green captures stray shots and the steeply contoured green will repel inaccurate tee shots. A par or better would be a superb result for this difficult hole.

Hole #17

The third par 5 on this nine is a downhill hole requiring accuracy off the tee to avoid the fairway bunker on left side. Once in the fairway the approach must be carefully considered as water and further bunkers await stray shots. A steeply sloping back to front green requires much attention whilst putting.

Hole #18

A very challenging uphill par 4 concludes the round at NEWGIZA. Once over the lake, deep fairway bunkers on the right side of the fairway are to be avoided. A long approach to an elongated bunker-less green is best played with a right to left shaped shot. Balls leaking to the right will be taken away by a steep drop off and mown down green approach. 

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